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It was a competition project organised by UNI competitions. This entry was shortlisted and was second runner-up in the ranking.  The project location was in Manaus, Brazil. The project Includes 50 houses with family of 4 and family of 8 designed using sustainability principles. There are 16 houses on each three floors and two additional houses on lower ground floor making it 50 houses overall.

05. View Road Side.jpg
04. View Road Side West.jpg

The compound wall is recessed to accommodate two-wheeler parking. The narrow end of the plot is unbuildable and therefore accommodates garden and four-wheeler parking.  There are 4 entrances to the building two on the north side and two on the south side, and 5 staircases for the emergency exit. In the side margin of the building there are tropical trees planted to cool the temperature of the building.


The building is designed in such a way that after leaving a margin of 5 meters from all sides. The houses are laid out linearly leaving the huge courtyard right in the centre of the building. This arrangement has allowed ample amount of light and ventilation for common areas reducing the temperature of the building further low. The courtyard is landscaped using tropical plants and hence the name of the project 'The Tropical Forest'. The feature wall has been added outside of the passage near the terminal points of the passage that helps in enhancing beauty of the courtyard and is taking care of the privacy of the flats. 

01. View Court Yard 1.jpg

A bungalow design in the Beed district of Maharashtra. Large livable spaces in coordination with the site. Sloping roof with proportionate overhangs adds to the beauty and the simplicity of the design. 

Minimalist House.jpg

A two-bedroom, Hall and Kitchen with a balcony view villa. It has a swimming pool on the terrace. A compact design in a modern style with a parking and servants' cabin on the ground floor.


A bungalow design near foothills of Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. A three-bedroom house with a double-height living room. A compact and simple design approach. The usable areas are spacious in nature with sufficient light and ventilation. The use of locally available materials and sustainable technologies are prescribed for the design.


A small minimalist villa for 4 persons. This villa is designed 

keeping in mind the budget and the sustainability aspects of the design. There is a  synergy between structural and architectural elements of the design with bare minimum use of space and materials.

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