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Our Featured Projects.

Urban Planning

Mumbai hyperlocal, Lifeline underground 2030 was a competition project. The solution offered to the current Mumbai commuting and rising population was between stations Andheri and Ville Parle.

The solution was at three levels. Network level, Prototype level and detail level. At network level east-west corridors were developed. At prototype level underground local with same capacity were developed along with padestrian walkways. At detail level the train stations were connected to hotels and malls.

The design solutions was comprehensive in nature with most pragmatic approach to planning.

Urban Design

Placemaking Project at Jangali Maharaja Road, Pune. This was a competition project and the concept behind it is making the underutilised garden in a most lively way by a design that would invite people to spend their evening hours in open and healthy surroundings


A bungalow design near foothills of Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. A three-bedroom house with a double-height living room. A compact and simple design approach. The usable areas are spacious in nature with sufficient light and ventilation. The use of locally available materials and sustainable technologies are prescribed for the design.

Urban Design

The use of levels and the shape of the roof gives justice to the human scale and brigs dynamism in the design. The skyline remains intact with street furniture arranged in such a manner that any individual will get a view of the beautiful river.


A bungalow design in the Beed district of Maharashtra. Large livable spaces in coordination with the site. Sloping roof with proportionate overhangs adds to the beauty and the simplicity of the design. 


A large scale bungalow design with an area of 12,000 sq. ft in the Beed district of Maharashtra. The large overhangs and the massing of the building are done keeping in mind the structural complexity and is the main features of the design. Ample amount of natural light and ventilation from upper-level windows add to the value of the design quality.

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