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Place Making Project at Jangali Maharaj Road, Pune

Urban planning and designing in Indian context requires careful attention to the open spaces in the form of public plaza. Due to informal nature of planning in India the spatial planning functions are different. To satisfy informal network of shops and street vendors, there is a need to segregate them and enhance the beauty of the existing streets and lanes and relocate these street vendors on open site in "Sambhaji Garden". The new arrangement of these vendors is done in such a way that they are not nuisance to the area allocated and are easily accessible by all. The skyline that one can see from the footpath does take care of the human scale and carefully designed without cutting any existing trees with large foliage.


Relocation of the street Vendors of JM Road


Existing trees are preserved to make way for the new plaza


Street Furniture arrangements in the plaza


View from JM  Road


Street Furniture and Plaza


Shops at Lower Level

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