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Post Postmodernism and its charter

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

The Post Postmodernism is an independent movement and is not the reaction to any particular movement, unlike Postmodernism. Therefore, it is born from a virgin mother. The name Post Postmodernism is because it came after Postmodernism. Post postmodernism is a sincere movement, and one can say that this movement is a result of the continuous learning process from the previous movements. It believes that there is right and wrong in this rational world and focuses on improving quality of life and helps people in making better choices. It does not criticise any philosophical thinking; it is completely ready and open for discussion with Modern and Postmodern thinkers. The movement is a mixture of Modern rationality and Postmodern plurality but rejects crime of any sorts involved in both these movements. It is a peaceful movement and hits precisely to those who disobey the rules of civilised and dignified human civilisation. The violence required for the enforcement of planning policies and rules and regulations which is accepted in Postmodern thinking, but their violence is physical. The violence of Post Postmodernism is not physical, but it is intellectual and is an artistic expression of such likeminded people. Therefore, it is a creative, constructive and sincere movement that believes in being responsible for such positive and affirmative actions.

Post Postmodernism is built on the foundations of modernist rationality and its epistemological understanding of the worldview and the age of reason. It agrees with objective truth of modernism but considers subjective truth as means to reach the objective truth or can be considered as explanation for the objective truth. It also agrees with grand narratives of modernism and believes in processes rather than a conclusion which is open ended and is often terminated by postmoderns as part of their deconstruction agenda. It rejects such scientific knowledge which becomes the part of the destruction of human civilisation. Thus, the journey of Post Postmodernism enters into Postmodern world because there is rationality involved in plural thinking by Postmodernists and the lessons learned from Modernism are still intact. However, Post Postmodernism strongly rejects the deconstruction of Postmodern because it believes in common sense. On one hand the artistic expression of Marcel Duchamp in terms of Urinal placed in an art exhibition cannot be considered as a piece of art and should go wherever it belongs. On the other hand upcycling can be considered as an example of Post Postmodern artifact. Now Post Postmodern thinkers enter into their domain and prepare the charter for Post postmodernism.

The charter of Post Postmodernists is as follows:

1. An individual should be sincere, honest and genuine.

2. Never criticise any other concept, but one can refuse to be a part of it and can express his disagreement appropriately.

3. They should practice remaining peaceful and nonviolent in all the circumstances, and the result should be peaceful.

4. The qualification of Post Postmodern should be that he or she should not know anything and willing to learn sincerely all the universal, local, and personal truths. The aim is enlightenment, filled with knowledge and understanding. However, this knowledge is only to serve and be served, love and be loved and not to manage people's lives selfishly.

5. Once done with this, then there is a free will, to express once art, knowledge, feelings, and continuous progress in all the domains of life.

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